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Transitioning Your Certification

Transitioning to IRAB-QSA

If you are a management system auditor certified by one of the bodies listed below and want to transition to IRAB-QSA certification, or wish to hold dual certification, IRAB-QSA will formally recognize your auditor certification.

  • Chinese Certification & Accreditation Association (CCAA)
  • International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA)
  • Korean Auditor Registration (KAR)
  • Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB)

Our simple transition process will provide you with increased recognition and professional status across global markets.

There is no application or transition fee, however a certification fee will be payable.

What is required?

  • You must provide evidence of current certification* from one of the above certification bodies. The certification granted will reflect the grade and scheme you currently hold.

*Evidence must be in the form of a current card, certificate, or official letter from the authorizing body. Invoices and receipts will not be accepted.

Please note, additional requirements and fees may be applicable if you apply for a higher grade of certification or if you apply for competency-based certification.

The transition process is simple and will allow you to become IRAB-QSA certified in a very short time. To begin the process, give us a call to speak with a member of our certification team.