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Data Services

Want to develop your staff and corporate culture? Looking to improve your auditing skills through self-coaching? We can help! Using our in-house data services, IRAB-QSA can transform your data into actionable intelligence, allowing you to make informed decisions and take proactive actions. We can provide customized data services that can benefit individuals and organizations.

We can help individuals through:

  • Insights into your strengths as an auditor and how to leverage your skills in a professional environment
  • Areas to consider for professional development and self-coaching
  • Highlighting roles that suit your capability
  • How you align to organizational culture

We can work with organizations to:

  • Inform recruiting decisions
  • Streamline the onboarding process
  • Inform employee training
  • Assist with performance management
  • Identify talent
  • Select members to balance your audit teams
  • Inform human resource allocation
  • Improve your value proposition
  • Create benchmarks and industry analysis

All information is gathered from our Work Style Assessment self-coaching tool, which allows us to assess trends from an individual, organizational, and industry level. To respect the data privacy of all participants, we process all data at an anonymous level—meaning that no individuals can be identified.
Click here to learn more about the Work Style Assessment.

Share, collaborate, and innovate using common platforms

At IRAB-QSA we believe in giving back to the community. IRAB-QSA will share data trends within our industry for analysis, discussion, and debate. If you would like to join the list to receive these communications, please contact Erin Unwin at irab-qsa.com

Partner with IRAB-QSA

We believe that by working with stakeholders in our industry we can develop a larger comparative database. If you would like to partner with IRAB-QSA to develop a deeper understanding of the auditing profession, please contact Erin Unwin at irab-qsa.com