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Assessment Modules

Are you looking to improve the performance of your team in specific areas? Would you like a detailed insight into how your team members handle situations that involve conflict, problem solving, or written communication?
IRAB-QSA has partnered with psychometric experts to offer standalone behavioural and self-coaching assessment modules to provide targeted and specific self-coaching insights into areas including conflict management, problem solving, and written communication skills.
The assessment modules are available independently or can be added on to the Work Style Assessment or Leadership Assessment.

The following self-coaching assessment modules are available:


Conflict Management

The Conflict Management self-assessment module measures an individual’s ability to approach and manage difficult situations. The assessment provides insight into individual conflict management style with direct reports, peers, and managers.

Insights provided by the Conflict Management self-assessment include:

  •       How to utilize strengths
  •       Areas for improvement
  •       How to approach difficult conversations

Click here to view a sample Conflict Management report


Business Reasoning

Understanding and solving problems is part of every business day to day.

The Business Reasoning self-assessment measures an individual’s ability to interpret and solve business problems from a both verbal and numerical perspective.

Click here to view a sample Business Reasoning report


English Proficiency

The English Proficiency self-assessment module measures an individual’s ability to read and understand written English, use correct grammar, and typing ability.

By understanding an individual’s English proficiency, the employer can ensure that proper communication is established, which will reduce workplace error and risk.

The English Proficiency self-assessment module evaluates the following characteristics:

  •       Error identification
  •       Sentence completion
  •       Vocabulary
  •       Typing accuracy

Click here to view a sample English Proficiency report


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