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Benefits of IRAB-QSA Certified Training

Watch our video to learn the benefits of completing a Recognized Training Provider (RTP course) from IRAB-QSA

IRAB-QSA partners with training providers and organizations to ensure their course meets international standards and offers you the best learning outcomes possible.

Our training certification process looks at the design, development, and delivery of course framework and, if applicable, certifies the course or assessment outcomes against a range of popular ISO management system schemes, such as quality, food safety, and occupational health and safety.

So, why does this matter?

By taking an IRAB-QSA recognized course, you are taking a course that has met world-class standards, meaning you can be confident that you are learning from the best.

Plus, completing training through an IRAB-QSA recognized course offers benefits and outcomes beyond a regular training certificate. Not only do our recognized courses boost your knowledge and skills of management systems, but can help you take the next step in your career.

Attendees of IRAB-QSA certified courses receive additional benefits, which include:

• One year of IRAB-QSA personnel certification, which proves your competence and enhances your employment potential

• Self-coaching through our career development tool, the Work Style Assessment. Click here to learn more. 

• Exclusive benefits of IRAB-QSA certification, which include access to our online events, online magazine, newsletters, and low-cost professional liability insurance

We consider graduates of IRAB-QSA certified training courses as part of the family!

We are here to provide specialized services and support to help you throughout your career.

To learn more, email info@irab-qsa.com