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Great Rates for IRAB-QSA Auditors
Available in Australia & the United States

You Need Insurance!

As an auditor, your day-to-day activities can expose you and your business to legal claims that can put you out of business overnight. Without insurance you could potentially lose tens of thousands of dollars—if not more.

The IRAB-QSA insurance program is designed to help you when the unexpected happens. Plus, through the power of volume buying, we’ve been able to lower the cost of insurance to a fraction of what you would pay on your own.

Enjoy the Power of Our Insurance Partnerships So You Can Do Your Job with Confidence!

IRAB-QSA has partnered with insurance providers to provide our certified auditors general and professional liability insurance coverage. This allows IRAB-QSA to offer our customers competitive insurance coverage at a discounted rate with an “A” rated insurance carrier.

The IRAB-QSA insurance program provides auditors coverage for claims that may arise from your day-to-day professional activities. With a policy that has been tailored for IRAB-QSA auditors, you know that we have your back so you can fulfill your professional obligations with confidence and security.

Best of all, everything is done online and your insurance is effective immediately. No phone calls. No hassle.

For more information or to get started, select your country of residence:

Australia United States

We expect to add other countries to our insurance program soon. Check back for updates.